Saturday, October 16, 2004

False Apologies

Powerline posts contempt for leftists who apologize for U.S. actions in Iraq. But they don't get into exactly what is so contemptible.

I think I know. They aren't really apologizing!

Apologies are a good thing, generally. If I harm someone, it is a good thing if I apologize. If my child harms someone, then I get them to apologize, but I also apologize, implicitly for not being a better parent. But these people in no way feel they've harmed Iraqis. They feel someone else has harmed Iraqis.

I would have far less a problem with a pro-war group that reconsidered its pro-war stance and apologized to harmed Iraqis. I would disagree with them. I would feel they were mistaken to reconsider and mistaken to believe they had something to apologize for. But I would not find them contemptible. But these guys are beneath contempt.

UPDATE: Truly funny photoshops and captions at Tim Blair and
Sean Gleeson.