Friday, October 08, 2004

Perfection in War

(I wrote the following letter to the editor to the Minneapolis Star/Tribune. We see if it gets published.)

The constant charges of incompetence leveled against the Administration’s conduct in response to 9/11 by Kerry, Edwards, and the Democratic punditry are absurd. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, (an attack which caused fewer deaths than 9/11) we responded by attacking Japan and Germany (a country which didn’t attack us) in a war which cost 400,00 American combat deaths (or nearly 300 per day for four years). Compare this to our conquering Afghanistan and Iraq (with a combined population of 50 million) with 1100 combat deaths. This is incompetence?

Requiring perfection is effectively the same as refusing to ever fight. It would be wonderful if we could wage war with no combat deaths, or if war were never necessary. But here on planet earth, such delusions are far more dangerous than fighting.